Pinholesurgical Technique: for many years, the team at the dental practice of Christian Bärenklau has been using this new, revolutionary method from the United States for gingival reconstruction or gum lifting for short. Dentist Christian Bärenklau is a certified user of the minimally-invasive Pinholesurgical Technique treatment introduced by Dr. John Chao. Moreover, he is also one of the first European dentists to obtain an Advanced Pinhole Clinician certificate in the United States and is able to deal with complex cases of Pinholesurgical Technique as a practiced user.

Scientifically-based Pinholesurgical Technique

Gum lifting is not a miracle method that is enthusiastically advertised in the usual magazines; it is a scientifically-founded, patented treatment for rejuvenating the gingiva. Pinholesurgical Technique is based on a long-term study that was reported by Dr. John Chao in the well-respected International Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry (issue 32/2012, p. 521 et seq.). The test subjects were monitored for nearly 3 years. 94% of 16 male and 27 female gum lifting patients reported that they were “fully satisfied with the results” after one year of treatment. When the study ended after a bit more than 33 months, the gingiva was still intact in 90% of all patients. A more than 81% success rate in the long-term coverage of the tooth root can be ensured by Pinholesurgical Technique which experts deem a master achievement. Even if gum recession occurs again after 10 or 20 years, gum lifting can be repeated with minimal effort. The study can be read here at.

Pinholesurgical Technique: Quickly back to normal

Perfect smile aesthetics and dental protection from restored gingiva are important reasons for pursuing minimally invasive gum lifting by Pinholesurgical Technique . However, according to the dental team, the watershed point for most patients is that they do not experience any pain from treatment. And they can quickly return to their job or social life. This has been confirmed to Christian Bärenklau by the positive feedback from numerous gum lifting patients. This is not just due to the minimally invasive technique of gum lifting. New, patented instruments are used which were developed by Dr. John Chao for the sole purpose of gum lifting.

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