Pinholesurgical Technique: There are many medical reasons for this treatment. The loss of gingiva (recession) is more than an aesthetic problem. Gum loss should also be treated as soon as possible for medical reasons. The gingiva recedes due to age-related reasons or illness. Part of the neck or root of the tooth becomes increasingly visible, and the teeth appear longer. A distinction is made between individual recessions and generalized gum loss from all or most teeth. In extreme cases, gum loss can cause the teeth to loosen and fall out. Recessions are categorized using so-called Miller classes (Pinholesurgical Technique: Protection from cavities

Before Pinholesurgical Technique is performed, the medical origin of receding gums must be identified and countered, and one must establish whether the cause is periodontosis, smoking, poor dental hygiene, abrasion from tongue piercings, or teeth grinding (bruxism). Sufficient alveolar structures must also still be in place. One important medical argument in favour of Pinholesurgical Technique is that when the tooth neck is covered by gingiva, it protects from tooth neck cavities, or tooth root cavities in the worst scenario. The restored gingiva prevents bacteria from collecting on the tooth neck and their acid from dissolving the minerals in the tooth enamel, dentin and root. Dentists more frequently observe this phenomenon in older patients, and the reason for this is receded gums. In combination with proper oral hygiene, Pinholesurgical Technique can prevent hazardous tooth neck decay over the long term.

Pinholesurgical Technique: No scar tissue

However, Pinholesurgical Technique is also recommendable for other medical reasons. The necks of teeth covered by restored gingiva are more stable; the firm tissue prevents bone loss and, accordingly, tooth loss. Furthermore, the tissue also minimizes the effects of hot or cold food on temperature-sensitive teeth. Since Pinholesurgical Technique is minimally invasive, there are no tissue-harming incisions or sutures and therefore no scars in the gingiva – an important medical consideration! The medical definition of a scar is “inferior, fiber-rich replacement tissue (fibrosis)” (

Pinholesurgical Technique: medical basis

A solid medical basis is required for Pinholesurgical Technique. This is not an ad hoc treatment. Preliminary examinations must be carried out that take time, and the inflammatory processes that led to the gum recession must also heal. After consulting with the team at the dental practice, you may find it recommendable to undergo an additional examination with x-rays to weigh the option of a Pinholesurgical Technique. If you are interested, feel free to contact the team at the dental practice of Christian Bärenklau.