Any aesthetic reasons for Pinholesurgical Technique?

The fact that exposed tooth necks are a significant dental problem is just one argument speaking in favour of a gum lift with the pinhole surgical technique. Aesthetic considerations should be taken into account, too. Visible, unappealing dental deposits can accumulate on exposed tooth necks. Moreover, teeth with exposed necks look unnaturally long, which is unappealing especially when this involves the upper and lower incisors. Last but not least, the “parchment paper effect” makes the gingiva appear extremely thin and vulnerable. Even if only a few teeth are affected by gum loss, the harmonious appearance is impacted, which is visible in your smile.

Attractive appearance after Pinholesurgical Technique?

You should never have to be afraid of smiling due to gum loss. The two pictures below illustrate the aesthetic benefit of gum lifting. The photograph on the left shows a section of a dental arch before gum lifting. The necks of the teeth are visible. The blood vessels running through the gingiva are clearly visible. On the right is the same section after gum lifting. The teeth and gingiva look healthy, and the dental arch looks harmonious. You have an attractive, confident smile.

Why is Pinholesurgical Technique so important?

Gum lifting is an approach that combines a recommendable dental treatment with beneficial aesthetic measures. It has been scientifically proven that natural smiling enhances more than just the quality of life . Interestingly enough, an attractive smile also helps people climb the career ladder . In addition to a natural tooth colour, the “compositional” interaction between the shape, size and arrangement of the teeth in combination with the gingiva plays a major role.

Do dental aesthetics pay off?

Needless to say, in addition to medical considerations, Pinholesurgical Technique specialist Christian Bärenklau also addresses aesthetic considerations in an initial pinhole surgical technique consultation. His practice in Munich specializes in all issues relating to dental aesthetics . Patients often want to know how long the effects of a gum lifting last; they are naturally interested in retaining an attractive smile for the longest possible time. A long-term scientific study offers comforting results. With gingiva lifting, the neck of the tooth remains covered over the long term in 81% of all cases, which experts consider an outstanding achievement.